TPL Logistics Launches Rider

The CEO and Founder of Rider, Salman Allana, officially announced the launch of Rider at the Momentum Tech Conference. Rider is an end-to-end digital logistics solution and the first product in the TPL Logistics suite.

“We had a successful pilot project in which optimization targets were achieved sooner than expected,” said Salman. “Rider will combine technology with ground operations to shake up existing delivery services, fix a broken supply chain and change the way in which we operate.”

Rider allows businesses to deliver products to their customers – also known as last mile delivery – using technology that is faster and smarter and comes with precision accuracy straight to your doorstep. Businesses will get visibility and control over their delivery processes simply through the single click of a button. Rider extends the shopping experience to the point of delivery, giving customers convenience and flexibility, all without ever having to step foot in a brick and mortar store.

Currently it is estimated that only 75% of all deliveries reach the correct destination in the allocated time, causing huge losses for courier companies and businesses. During peak sales, backlogs can be up to 30 days long.

Existing delivery service providers in Pakistan manage the entire process manually. Legacy hub and spoke networks are not built for today’s last mile demands, and, with the rise in e-commerce the rules of the game have changed. Rider has automated the entire process, from order creation to delivery, making backlogs and errors a thing of the past.

Rider is currently a B2B service and our target customers are online marketplaces and retailers. However, the technology and operations are set up to scale, so expansion into multiple verticals will be a natural next step.

“With the use of data, Rider will disrupt the conventional delivery processes. This includes route optimization algorithms based on latest addresses, roads and traffic data that allow us to deliver faster, better and with accuracy,” said Salman. He added that items can also be delivered straight to a phone’s GPS location, with a live-tracking service.

“Integration with online stores and marketplaces will allow us to manage and monitor the entire delivery process with a single click, creating a seamless experience for both businesses and customers,” said Salman. “And the best part is that we can do it all with speed.”

TPL Logistics was launched in 2018 as a part of the TPL Group and is Pakistan’s first digital end to end logistics provider. The company is committed to its vision of using technology to remove bottlenecks throughout the supply chain. Rider, the first initiative in the product offering, is a last mile delivery service that uses route optimization, GPS data and live tracking to deliver products with speed and accuracy. Rider’s innovations are poised to change the future of logistics in the e-commerce sector in Pakistan.

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